What if we could grow multi-vitamins and protein shakes on a tree? What if this tree was drought resistant? And if it didn’t need much fertilizer or weeding or labor? And if it only needs to be planted once for years and years of harvests?

Such a tree exists. The Moringa tree is incredibly nutritious, easy to grow, and needs very little water. We’ve conducted trials in all the climates of Swaziland and Moringa tree has been growing wonderfully. Farmers adding it to their diets have reported health improvements.

Word gets around quick. There are regular requests from various organizations and farmers for workshops for their communities. Markets have developed for it, both formal and informal. Our partners report bulk buyers from neighboring South Africa wanting to resell across the border. Domestically, the going retail prices of a 250g package is 13 USD, with sales outstripping supply.

Moringa has been an increasingly popular addition to gardens and farms. Farmers can grow it and use it in their home to improve nutrition. Whatever is extra can be marketed to generate significant income at a higher price per gram than any other crop available. Since 2008, we have seen the popularity also increase among NGO and missionaries in the field as well as for-profit investors developing markets. Most recently, there was a campaign by Miss Swaziland and Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority to encourage farmers to grow moringa.

We help network growers and buyers, farmers with seeds, and also provide training for NGOs and organized local communities.

If you are interested in growing moringa in Swaziland, please
email us.

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shapeimage_5 DryingPassively26March'12
Top: moringa trials at the Cabrini Mission. Bottom: (Leaf drying at New Life Children’s Homes. Courtesy Mandi Bottoms. ).