Edward Lin co-founded Impala Development Services in 2006 with the goal of applying the principles of social entrepreneurship to development issues in Swaziland. His formal education has included B.Sc in Microbiology & Cell Science from the University of Florida and a M.Sc in Molecular Medicine from the University of South Florida. His informal education includes social entrepreneurship, international development, and global health. Edward is currently a 3rd year medical student in Colorado.

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Alexi Theodore : Alex Theodore attended the University of Florida in 2003 and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. During most of his academic stay, he steadily progressed in research under the departments of Environmental Engineering and the Particle Engineering Center. Most of the projects he lead or assisted started as novel inventions or ideas, where he became both a prototype designer and fabricator. These experiences became the building blocks for future endeavors. In 2006, he collaborated with a group of social entrepreneurs developing a hybrid non-profit/for-profit organization. Acting as the technical leader of the for-profit wing, he and future business partner Abhi Lokesh developed a unique online art gallery that generated revenue for the non-profit from printing/framing sales. This endeavor proved to be the grounds from which they would later spin off an ambitious start-up called "Fracture" - a printing company that makes framing exceptionally easy and attractive for common consumers. Alex continues to consult for prototyping projects, acting as both a innovation designer and a idea-to-market project advisor for Engineering departments at the University of Florida.


Abhi Lokesh graduated from UF in 2009 with a bachelors degree in integrative biology. During undergrad, he was actively involved with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, eventually becoming the president of the student ambassadors in his senior year. His entrepreneurial experience came from interning for 3 years at Optima Neuroscience, a local med-tech startup, where he was able to immerse himself in the numerous facets of a young, fast-paced company. In 2006, he collaborated with 2 classmates, including future business partner Alex Theodore, to start a nonprofit focused on alleviating the health and poverty epidemic in Swaziland, Africa. His role focused on revenue generation and business development. This become the foundation from which Fracture, their current venture, was born. Since graduating and co-founding Fracture, Abhi still actively works with CEI as an alumni ambassador and as a mentor for the YELS (Young Entrepreneurs for Leadership and Sustainability) High school summer program.


Jennifer Peregoy is an epidemiologist with a particular interest in nutritional interventions to prevent and treat illness. She joined the IDS team in 2009, working on the Swaziland Moringa project and baseline nutritional assessment. Jenn contributes to IDS by bringing the public health perspective and the added value of using epidemiological methods to design appropriate studies and evaluate outcomes.


Marie-Odile Payne Fortier has a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering with a minor in zoology from the University of Florida. She gained experience with designing waste management and wastewater treatment based on a community's needs and local stakeholder input through her participation in the Engineers Without Borders at UF Macedonia project. Marie-Odile is currently working on her PhD in environmental engineering at the University of Kansas. Her dissertation research involves assessing the environmental impacts of biofuels produced from microalgae cultivated in wastewater. Marie-Odile has experience in life cycle assessment, GIS, renewable energy research, water quality analysis, and waste-to-energy projects. Outside of work, she is an advocate for no kill animal sheltering practices and promotes adoption of special needs cats.